How To Stain Butcher Block Food Safe. Repeat for a final coat. The instructions say a second coat can be applied but i like how it is with one coat.

How We "Stained" our Butcher Block Countertops with from

To stain your butcher block, start by sanding the surface with a coarse sandpaper, which will remove any stains or varnishes. After opening and stirring with a paint stick, dip your rag into the stain. The thing that’s deceiving about dark butcher block countertops stains is that usually they are stained with “regular'” polyurethane stains such as minwax, rustoleum, etc.

Here’s A List Of Products I Highly Recommend For Staining And Sealing Butcher Block.

When it comes to keeping those wooden surfaces pristine, stains are certainly the enemy. Beeswax will hydrate wood, and make it shine. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, your butcher block countertop likely sees its fair share of use.

When Dry, Sand The Surface Lightly To Smooth And Remove Any Blemishes.

Protects interior wood surfaces such as butcher blocks, cutting boards, salad bowls and more. And those stains aren’t food safe. Begin by staining the top and sides of the butcher block with a bristle brush.

Be Sure To Wipe Up Any Excess Sealer.

Easy to apply and maintain, it is nontoxic and safe for food contact when fully dried (meets government standards of 21cfr 175.300). Repeat for a final coat. Butcher block countertops made of wood have a unique appeal.

Choose A Sealer That Is Food Safe For Your Butcher Block Counters.

You can use a wood conditioner specifically formulated with beeswax, like the one by howard’s below, or you can melt the beeswax with mineral oil and create your own. Then let it sit and wipe off the excess. With a few easy cleaning solutions that you can whip up from household items, you can banish stains and keep your countertop looking brand new.

Here’s A List Of Products I Highly Recommend For Staining And Sealing Butcher Block.

How to stain butcher block food safe. You can choose from a matte or gloss finish. Watco® butcher block oil + stain is specially formulated for use on wooden butcher blocks, cutting boards, salad bowls and other wood applications which require a food safe finish.

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